Homecoming 2018


Mak Pate, Staff Writer

It’s the Monday after homecoming. The hallways move in a way that can only be described as sluggish. Everyone is equally tired from the festivities and excited to showcase their pictures. This time last week, the air buzzed with excitement for the days to come.

Monday: To begin the week in the most purr-fect way, Monday’s dress up was “Cage the Jags” and students dressed up as circus animals. There were elephants in math, lions and cheetahs in Creative Writing, and even dalmations in choir.

Tuesday: Activities were momentarily paused for testing but resumed Wednesday.

Wednesday: In flashy fashion, students assembled their tackiest attire for “You Belong in a Circus” Day. The freshman and sophmores threw down on the dodgeball court while the juniors and seniors battled it out at the powderpuff game. But many across the student body merrily attended the video game tournament to watch as gamers showed off their mad skills after years of preparation.

Thursday: Class unity is easily a school wide favorite. Sneaky sophomores crept the hallways and futuristic freshman were lost without their hover boards. The junior juniors gathered for nap time on journalism hall but erupted in tantrum. None of this, however, held a candle to the senior seniors.

A senior myself, my morning began promptly at 4:30 am. Breakfast at Cracker Barrel has long been an OMHS tradition and the restaurant was packed to capacity with imitation elders ordering the sunrise special. Most seniors were late to class because arthritis, apparently, doesn’t excuse tardies. This all lead to the mighty fall. At exactly 9:02 A.M., all of the seniors’ hips gave out and they collapsed at the beginning of art hall. Thank goodness they were all outfitted with their life alert necklaces so they could attend the volleyball and video game tournament while the freshmen and sophmores attended the soccer game. Tthe day ended with battle of the classes where the experienced seniors dominated.

Friday: Where before the classes battled against each other, today, there was school wide unity. A red, white, and blue sea of students waited in EA to be dismissed to the talent show and the basketball tournament.

The stage lights illuminated students and teachers alike and acts ranged from singing to character performances to contortionism. Amelia Park preformed an original song on the piano and Spiderman made a surprise appearance to dance to “Smooth Criminal”. It’s interesting how the hero became the criminal. “I think its cool that we can have the opportunity to have fun and show our talents to wrap up the week. Our school is so supportive. I loved performing for y’all!” says SGA president and member of OM Singers Holli Riddle on performing at the talent show.

After lunch, the school enjoyed the cool autumn breeze and waved the parade along as the class floats and various school organizations joined the brigade of school spirit. This all built to the pep rally. Luke Percer was crowned Homecoming King. The cheerleaders and dance team, and for the first time in school history, the show choir made a big splash performing a dance from The Greatest Showman. The electric energy of the student body continued to the homecoming game that night.

Despite a loss to Spain Park, the eagles hearts remained triumphant. The highlight of the night, however, was the shine and sparkle of the crown placed on Sally Kicklighter’s head after she was crowned Homecoming Queen.

Saturday: Tonight is the big night. Students left all their heart-aches and worries at home and gathered at the Marriott. The flash of the camera illuminated the various sparkles and rhinestones on girls’ dresses and the sleek suits of the gentlemen. Holli Riddle made a wise choice swapping heels for converse, but Caleb Walker absolutely slayed wearing his black stiletto boots. The DJ took us back to the simpler days as we danced to the bangers from our childhood, including “Tick-Tock” by Ke$ha, “Timber” by Pitbull, and “House Party” by Sam Hunt. Before we all went our separate ways, I took a moment to look around at the group of young people beside me. Yes, there were the popular kids in the middle of the dance floor getting down to “Mo Bamba”. There were the quirky theatre kids on the outskirts of the room dancing like no one was watching. There were the kids who enjoyed just watching this lively show and being wallflowers. But everyone was there. It truly felt like, for whatever reason, this year with this school of students, kids of every kind could come to Homecoming and could enjoy themselves. The neon purple, red, blue, and green disco lights reflected off the wide smiles across the room and the music floated as far as the parking lot to greet you from the second you got out of your car. So I say to you, Oak Mountain High School, thank you for a wonderful night with wonderful people. I hope this feeling of class unity, school spirit, and positivity carry on for the rest of the year.

Photography by Trista Nabors