Student Visits Peru on Spring Break


Anna Grace Murray, Staff Writer

While most students headed to the beach, Oak Mountain High School student Alaina Beard visited Peru over spring break. She traveled with her ballet company, Ballet Exaltation. It was her first trip out of the country, and Alaina made the decision to take the trip because she wanted to travel with her company at least once before graduation. Their mission was to share the gospel through dance.

While there, Alaina performed a total of four times. The participants also held classes where they taught ballet to children and even students her own age. Alaina enjoyed meeting the people of Peru, in fact it was her favorite part. While the trip wasn’t exactly as she expected, Alaina enjoyed herself immensely and plans to travel overseas more in the future. According to Alaina, “it was positively enlightening, and I had a wonderful time. I would definitely go again.”