A Real Look at Your Freshman Year


Merrin Tommie, Staff Writer

Lots of eighth graders coming from the middle school get very nervous about heading over to the high school. It can seem very intimidating since you will be with lots of older kids for the first time. I interviewed some of this year’s freshmen to see how their first year of high school is going and to kill any rumors they thought would be true about high school.

The first thing I asked some of the freshmen was the simple question, “How was your first day of school?” Abby O. said, “My first day was great! The high school is very different from the middle school, and the class changes will take a little while to get used too but I’m very excited!” Gillian D. told me, “It was very fun but also stressful. I liked being able to go all around the school for classes. At the middle school all our classes were on the same hall.”

I asked them how their overall high school experience was going. Then I asked if they had heard things before getting to high school that were / weren’t true and that might help future freshmen. Abby O. told me, “My high school experience is going good so far. I’d have to tell middle schoolers that before you get to high school you hear that all of the rooms are cold. That is definitely true! Make sure you always have a sweatshirt if you get cold easily!” Gillian D. said “High school is definitely very different but so far it’s going well. In middle school, you hear that upperclassmen are mean but most of the time that’s not true. If you have classes with people from different grades then make friends with them.”

In conclusion, high school is very different from middle school but it is also a great experience. Classes will be harder and will also be more spread out across the school. You will be a little stressed but you will be able to handle it if you use your time wisely. You should get involved and join extra curricular activities! Make friends, bring a jacket, and overall, enjoy high school!