Aidan Cecil, Staff Writer

Vans are debatably the most stylish shoe of our generation. One of the more classic looks they have come out with are The Old Skool Yacht Club. These shoes were created in March of 2018, and the colors were inspired by the flags soaring above yacht clubs. The shoe itself was designed in Southern California and was made by James Van Doren. To me, their greatest appeal is just how unique the coloring is. I’ll just say not many shoes have blue, green, red, and yellow all on one shoe. Not only is the coloring unique but it is also the first to bare the iconic side stripe. Out of the many, many Vans shoes out there, these are definitely my favorite and by far the most unique!

While The Old Skool Yacht Club shoe might be my favorite, Vans create many different types of shoes that are just as good. One style that I have yet to try out are the slip on. This style of vans is more of a summer shoe, but it looks great with most outfits. Another style are the Sk8 Hi Classics. These look best with some jeans and a flannel, but, like I said, there are not many outfits that wouldn’t look good with this shoe.