Alabama Weather


Lily Beck, Staff Writer

What if you were faced with the task of choosing a state to live in, but strictly based on the weather conditions of that state? My choice would definitely not be Alabama. I believe I speak for others when I say that Alabama weather is unique yet annoying. I personally do not like it for two reasons. One, the summers get extremely hot and humid. Two, the weather is so unpredictable. I wanted to see if others were in agreement, so I asked some of my peers to share their opinions on Alabama weather. Sidney Kicklighter ,OMHS junior, said, “I do not like Alabama weather. I like colder weather and fall is my favorite season, and this year it looks like it’s going to be too hot for fall.”

A typical weather day in Alabama is very different than a typical weather day anywhere else. It could be thundering and raining in the morning, and then you walk out of school to 85 degrees, clear skies, and sunny. Unfortunately, Alabama is known for its brutally hot summers. I guess that is the price you have to pay for living in the south. In the winter it can get pretty cold. We don’t get snow very often in the winter, but when we do, it is more ice than snow. The only season that is enjoyable in Alabama is fall. Fall weather is perfect: the colorful leaves, the mild temperature, everything. However, fall does have one downside.  Many people in Alabama suffer from the pollen in the fall. It spreads everywhere and triggers many peoples allergies. In the end, Alabama will always have a piece of my heart and it has many perks, but the weather is not one of them.