10 Things to Do When You Are Bored

Jaydn Ludwig, Staff Writer

Being stuck in your house this long can be tough and draining on us all. I bet you’re sitting on your couch wondering what to do with all this time on your hands? Here are 10 ideas that are guaranteed to cure your boredom. 

1) Paint your window. This one sounds weird but acrylic paint can be washed off from your window with water or Windex. 

2) Go take a walk. This allows you to get outside and get some sun. 

3) Read a book. Reading is good for your brain and during this time it’s goo to keep your brain active. 

4) Find a new show to watch. If you didn’t have time before you do now. 

5) Bake something new. It’s fun to experiment in the kitchen. 

6) Color a picture. Coloring is a relaxing activity and it’s also fun. 

7) Play a board game with your family. It’s good to spend time with your family because you’re stuck in the house with them. 

8) Have a campfire. You can sit outside and look at the stars and roast marshmallows.

 9) Watch a movie. Some recommendations are My Girl, Crimson Peak, and Mean Girls. 

10) Do a puzzle. This is fun because it takes up a lot of time. 

I hope these suggestions help your quarantine be a little less boring.