Madison’s Favorite Fashion Tips!


Madison Crain, Staff Writer

1. Monochrome is cute!!!

Wearing different shades of pink, purple, blue, black, etc. is a cute fashion statement! It can be too much sometimes so I would go with two different shades of the same color rather than three or more. Here are some of my favorite monochrome moments!

2. Designer does not mean best!

Just because there is a designer skirt does not mean it is the best one out there. There are plenty of dupes out there that are the same or even better quality. For example, Koch skirts are around $295+ but there are multiple dupes starting at $35! This is for most things clothing-wise! You don’t need the most expensive stuff to have cute outfits!

3. Gold Jewelry

Gold jewelry is the best way to spice up a boring outfit. Some big chunky hoops, a simple gold necklace, and a couple of bracelets and rings will have you looking fancy and clean. You can get some really cute and affordable jewelry from amazon! It doesn’t tarnish in water and is of very good quality!

4. Layering is so easy!

Layering clothes is wearing multiple shirts under/over something to make it cuter! For instance, you can take a cute sweater and add a turtle neck underneath to give it more dimension! You can do this with dresses, T-shirts, etc. You can also layer with a collared shirt underneath sweatshirts or dresses! It depends on your style and the look you’re trying to achieve.

5. Basics!

You need to have the basics before you can style outfits the way you want to, by basics I mean the basic things that go with really anything. You need jeans that fit you perfectly. My favorite brand is Pacsun and Levis, but if you’re taller I would recommend Zara jeans! You also need some basic cropped tank tops that you can wear with anything and are good for layering! You can get these from Shein, Forever 21, or really anywhere by searching for a basic cropped tank to find the one you like! If you’re not into the cropped look you could also go for a bodysuit. You also need some basic shoes that you can wear with whatever! The converse hightop platform shoes are really cute and come in so many different colors. Zara overall has really good, basic things for a good price!